April Fooled

Last Sunday was April 1st, is also known as April Fools Day. It was also a week ago and the last time the saggy lumps of flesh I call an ass hit the saddle of a bike; a cold morning ride that yielded a mere 20 miles and some crap photos.

I could complain at length about how the Michigan winter is a cruel, psycho bitch of a season, and is only out psychoed1 and out bitchied2 by the Michigan spring that never seems to come. But I won’t, I will merely point out that the past week was filled with high winds, blowing snow, snow showers, school cancellations, frigid temps and me seeking mental enemas and rubs and tugs via time on the dreadmill, walks in snowy forest with my camera, and at the bottom(s) of several bottles of Sierra Nevada Hop Bullet as I learned to make homemade flour tortillas.

Despite my best efforts on the dreadmill, I’m pretty sure I added another 10 pounds to my already bloated body this week as I ate and drank myself to fleeting semi-happiness that only served to make me feel worse about myself everything and have me opening the dark super special mental locker of self inflicted fat shaming and loathing that I haven’t dipped into since late high school. It’s funny how fast the ability to look in the mirror and hate everything you see comes back to you. I digress.

I did get outside for some hiking in the snow at a couple local nature preserves, I got some semi-OK pics (which can be seen below), and spent Saturday working at Terry’s before Wifey and I went out for a bit that evening. Sunday was back to the Not So Stankment and some Cat 5 Cooking before taking B to his last indoor practice before the spring season starts this week. April has made a fool out of me so far, I am REALLY hoping for better days ahead and time in the saddle.

Here are some pics from the past week of non-riding, click on the pic to enlarge and move your way through the gallery.



  1. Pretty sure that “psychoed” is not a word, but that’s never really stopped me before.
  2. See, you can’t stop this dumb ass non-word train!

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