Baby Steps™

This week started off HORRIBLE, but progressively got better-ish. Still, I’m glad to see it almost over.

Monday started with a semi-accidental Bell Jar meltdown that appears to have been caused by me monkeying with my prescription in a sad attempt to regain some lust for ride life. NOTE: I am not a doctor, and that was fucking stupid.

Shit be changin’.

Tuesday took me to the woods of Bundy Hill for a rage hike that got progressively less ragey as the hike went on, and by Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, I was feeling WAY more myself.

Wednesday, I went to watch B’s high school match and take photos for the team. B is still out with a deep thigh bruise, so I only lasted until mid-way through the 2nd half. My brain can only watch footy played that poorly for so long (looking at both teams here). It was great to be back shooting in daylight with the D4, and I got some keepers for sure. Still need to finish processing them.

Roadside color.

Thursday, I went into the shop for some hours, followed by goofing off.

Friday started off shitty. Literally. In the same way that I am not a doctor, I am also not a veterinarian. Despite my lacking a degree in veterinary science, I went ahead and made a slight change to Lola’s food anyway. The result was LOTS of gas on Thursday night, and cleaning up multiple large mounds of soft-serve shit on the carpet at 2:40 AM Friday morning. Lola will bark at the slightest noise, but won’t bark to go outside (She just goes to the door and stands there, like a moron. We tried bells, etc., nothing has worked). If it wasn’t for Jake (the dog) barking for me to get his old ass back up on the couch, I wouldn’t have found the shit until hours later. Thanks, Jake?

Dirty nubbins.

When you start off your day by cleaning mounds of dog shit off the living room carpet in your underwear in the wee hours of the morning, you don’t exactly expect the most from the day ahead. Thankfully I was wrong.

After I got up for realz, I set my eyes on riding my bike, and this time I actually did. Yeah, yeah, I know you would pretty much expect that someone who has a blog called The Soiled Chamois would always be riding his bike. Well, Karen, it’s not like that so much these days. But it was on Friday!



The ride was anything special, just my 23.5 Standard Gravel Ride, but it felt great to be on my bike and taking photos. Oh well, I’m taking baby steps here, just like Doctor Leo Marvin says his revolutionary self-help book, Baby Steps.

I felt better than I expected after a month of not riding, got few photos I dug, and a few that I wish would have been better: like the ones of the bald eagle getting its lunch to go.




I would love to sit here, digesting my morning toast and eggs, and tell you that I will be returning to the saddle in a few minutes, and I may. But probably not.  4:19 UPDATE: Actually I did. It was a brief sub-20 mile Better Than The Trainer? Ride™, but slightly better than nothing. Baby steps!


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