Beating Dead Horses

I know, I know, I’ve been beating dead horses, playing on repeat, stuck in a rut, flogging the bishop, and smacking my mackerel for two weeks now. OK, maybe not those last two but all the rest applies; I’ll explain.

We have been home from our trip to Jamaica for 18 days now, and nearly every one of those days has sucked man knob. As I mentioned before, I knocked my shin on a boat ladder in Jamaica and by the time we got home it was swollen, black and blue, and infected. I also picked up a nasty chest cold that has had me hacking like five pack a day smoker for over two weeks now. Two rounds of antibiotics, a shot in the ass, an inhaler, multiple over the counter meds, and my leg is nearly healed, but my cough is still clinging on. In fact, as of yesterday morning, things got comedically worse!

Late last week the ribs on my right side starting hurting every time I coughed. Then yesterday, as I sat drinking coffee, I let out a sneeze and something popped in my ribs that shot pain through my side and back and never left. There were multiple F-bombs, and the pain is/was excruciating.

I spent half of last night sitting on the edge of my bed cursing my existence on this godforsaken planet, and the other half slumped in a La-Z-Boy in the living room listening to Jake (the dog) snore.

To make matters worse, Wifey is out of town, so my dad duties have been kicked up a notch. I know I should go back to the doctor, but without family back up here, it would be difficult in the event I would need to be sent for tests, admitted, put to sleep, etc. So, I’ll just keep on, keepin’ on.

With all that negativity out of the way, I did get out for some snowshoeing around the Hall’s Lake Preserve on Saturday afternoon. The conditions were awesome! Untouched deep snow, sun, and wonderfully quiet woods. Only interrupted by the crunch of snow underfoot and the occasional loud hacking cough.

Bird nest in tree crotch.



Signs of critters foraging.

I took some pics, goofed off with some video, and had a good time. I would have liked to have repeated the outing on Sunday, but jacking up my ribs kind of ruined that plan.


Cat 5 Cooking soup game on point! Vegan “cheddar” broccoli soup and a portobello mushroom burger.

Anyway, until I improved enough to get outdoors again, or die in my sleep, I’m just gonna say fuck it for a bit and take a break from this shit show. There’s enough on the internet to bring peoples mood down, you don’t need me helping.


The music in that video is way chipper than my mood.


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