Bullet Points


I’m lacking time for my normal verbal diarrhea of a blog post, so I’m going all crap sales meeting Power Point presentation on you [not really] and doing it all with bullet points of random information nonsense. The only thing missing is a wig wearing sales director in a bad suit, bored as hell employees doodling sketches of him being chased by an angry bear with a knife and poor slide graphics (not designed by the in-house graphic artist, but instead downloaded from the web at 72 dpi and enlarged stretched to 900 dpi for that cool, “What the hell is that a graphic of?” look).

The following is bit about today’s ride, what made it so drastically different from yesterday’s ride and some other useless information for you:

  • Today was Wednesday, not Tuesday (I think).
  • I rode my hardtail mountain bike on dirt/gravel roads and not a fat bike on dirt/gravel roads and it felt swell-er (not a word). I want to start riding my Jake the Snake more (especially since I just got new tires for it), but it’s down at the shop and I didn’t have time to fetch it. Then again, I might sell it and get a rigid fork for my El Mariachi… If I could find a fork I wanted on the cheap that doesn’t have a tapered steerer tube.
  • I went North of town today, not South of town. North of town is different due to the amount of barns, corn fields, dirt roads, cows, and… oh wait, forget that.
  • I rode for 2:23, not 2:17, I went seven more miles, and had an average speed 2.3 mph faster. Yet, SOMEHOW according to my Garmin I only burned 26 additional calories. It’s not that I put that much trust in calorie counters, but the Garmin’s estimate seems a tad off, especially since it has my heart rate, etc., to work with. The general consensus via other fitness sights estimate that I burned 970 more calories (based on age, height, weight, average speed, etc., etc.) than what Garmin says. All of that is no big deal to you non-fatties, but to someone trying to shed some el-bees, it’s a kick in the aging, sagging man-bits to see. Oh well.
  • As per usual, I took some photos, most came out like crap, some didn’t, some were OK and some I simply added them to my Instagram rather than publish here. You can check them out by clicking the page link above, or just clicking the hyperlink that you just read. I’ve been using Instagram more and more (I just linked it again there, did you see?) because I snap a lot of stupid photos and post a lot of stupider (is that a word) comments. Sometimes it’s just easier than writing a blog post… Except when I misspell something (always), can’t edit it, delete it, then post it again, only to find out that I misspelled something again.  Instragram might want to work on that, you know, for dumb asses like me.

OK, I won’t waste any more of your time, especially since I have a feeling that somewhere out there someone just doodled me getting chased by an angry bear with a knife. I didn’t have any stretched graphics to include, so I included a pic from early in the ride and the pic below where I attempted to get a shot of what seemed like a thousand birds on a wire. As you can see the results were less than spectacular; the birds flew away and I aimed at the sun for some reason. I still like it though, but what do I know?


Gotta get to the shop tomorrow, drop off the Farely to its rightful owner and pick up my Jake (the snake).


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