Daily Doses


Friday promised to be another ride-worthy day. And since it’s not like I could/would/should have done anything else, I rode my bike.

I could have easily departed from the Cul-De-Sac-Shack, but I was looking to break things up a bit and avoid potential boredom, so I cued up one of my dirt road rides around Clare County on the Garmin, gathered my gear and headed Clare-ward.

After the quick drive north to Clare, I pulled in the small parking lot of the Pere Marquette Rail-Trail and was greeted by a lost mitten, a discarded bath towel, a Subway® wrapper, and a deer carcass1. And it wasn’t just any old dead deer, it was one of those dead deer that looks like a melted heap of plastic entrails covered in folds of rotting hide and hair. An ominous sign of things to come, or a sign that things could only get better from here? In very un-me-like fashion, I chose the latter.


A short section of rail trail and I was soon off onto the dirt roads to do my thing. And on this day, my “thing” would be riding various surfaces (mostly dirt and gravel) for 27 miles, trying to find some photos to take, and panting like a dog stuffed with a lifetime of ill-advised greasy table scraps and poor life choices.

Spring is moving into mid-Michigan at a glacial pace, so, despite the bright sunshine and the cacophony of chirping frogs in the swamps, most everything is various shades of brown with only a few hints of green. That made for less than stellar photo-ops, but I was outside on my bike and away from the news of the day that would surely be bad. And these days, that’s all one can really hope for. Well, that and not dying.

Rain is in the forecast this Saturday morning, so I will be eating breakfast, taking my customary 3 to 7 dumps, then heading outside for a walk in the woods to hopefully find another daily dose of short-lived inner peace.


  1. At the time of publishing, it remains unknown if the four items are related to an incident or just random bits of parking lot trash. I’m working with state and local authorities in to find additional information relating to the matter.

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