A Wet Escape


Friday night, I did Friday night things, and some of those things were done in close proximity to Wifey. And if I had to guess, I’d say those things were done well within a 6′ radius of her. I also sat my ass on the back porch by myself and enjoyed the sunny, warm (60˚!) spring evening with a tasty beverage or three. All of that was a great way to end a day of running (or riding) away from problems via exercise and high ABVs.

My Saturday plan was to sleep in (like I haven’t slept in every day of Pandemic-a-Go-Go 2020), drink coffee, endure multiple dump outs, wait for the rain to move in, and then go hiking away from the real world in the wet woods for an hour or two with my camera. And that’s what I did. Because I’m an adult and can do whatever the hell I want. Well, that’s not entirely true, but I can go for a hike, that much I know!

The Hall’s Lake Preserve is my favorite rainy day walk destination, but I got sort of a late start, so I went to the closer Sylvan Preserve instead. I wanted to revisit the Skunk Cabbage by the river in an attempt to get some better shots of it. [Writing that last sentence makes me question the point of my existence on earth.]


I had the entire Preserve to myself and enjoyed the steady cold rain falling, and the serenity it brought with every earthbound drop.


I got a few photos I dug and even pulled over on my drive home to once again try (and fail) to get shot of one of my favorite old barns in the area. That barn is my “white whale.” I’LL BE BACK BARN!

The rest of the day was spent processing photos while listening to The Stooges, cooking dinner listening to Orville Peck, and chilling in my dog scented chair with a beverage, losing badly on FIFA 20, and listening to Wire.

Another day of hoping for the best and expecting the worst was mostly avoided through outdoor activity, music, photos, cooking food, and drinking adult beverages. I think all that is pretty normal for me, but right now, it’s needed more than ever.


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