Fat Man Rolling Skinny… ish


Today I happily ditched the treadmill, the trainer, AND the slow, sluggish, lovable pig that I call the Fatterson and joyfully grabbed the Boone, and its skinny enough for me Nano 40 tires, for a Better Than The Trainer Ride™ (also known as the spring semi-classic Plèasant – Bêal – Plèasant).

Last week had two outdoor rides, which varied from cold, windy and snowy, to just plain slow and craptastic. Thankfully spring is at least pretending to come to Michigan for a bit and we’ve had two days of warm temps and rapidly melting snow and ice.


With that melt comes all the shit that many Michiganderburgherites willfully “hid” in the snow for the past few months: living room chairs, mattresses, beer, water, and vodka bottles; fast food containers from every restaurant imaginable, old fruit, broke condoms, and dirty diapers. There is also of course standing water, mud, mud, and more mud. Because of all that slop, today’s ride was 100% on paved roads. Something that I usually avoid quite easily, but was more than happy to do so as to avoid further destruction of the Boone’s 105 drivetrain.


At my ride time it was still pretty cool, but it was possibly the warmest temps I’ve ridden in since last fall, and I loved every minute of it. Between lack of strong winds, being on “skinnier” tires, and the ability to wear cool weather gear that was a little less Nanook of the North, I felt like I was flying on the bike. Well at least as much “flying” as man who has gained so much weight in recent months that he’s actually nicknamed his diet lifestyle change can.


Made in “Amepica” goodness along the road.

Really psyched that the warmer weather seems to be around for a bit. I’m less thrilled that it’s supposed to rain most of the day tomorrow, but if I’m lucky I can squeeze something in between rain drops, trips to the storage unit, and the other million things that I need to work on but keep putting off.


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