Fourth & Twenty-Six


I admit it, my Friday night consisted of making Mexican food, hanging out with Wifey, having some drinks, watching bad TV (those Tiny House f*ckers!) and going to bed late. Despite all that, I was up early and feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. But it was only 7 AM… on a Saturday… and it’s football’s international break, so there are no BPL matches to watch… so I went back to bed.

Yeah, I went back to bed for another two freaking hours and sadly my second wakeup was way worse than the first. I felt like I got run over by a truck full of ZzzQuil™ laced with expired horse tranquilizers. Still, I forced myself up, had my breakfast and coffee, took my dumps, readied my bike and despite feeling like an unmotivated turd, I headed out into the crisp air and sun of the late Saturday morning.


Dirt road cat shot in JPEG. Fuji JPEGS are damn good!

For the second Saturday in a row I found myself at the end of good ride week with time on my hands and no mojo in my legs. As I pedaled through the empty downtown into the chilly breeze I knew that this was going to be a sub-30 mile ride.

The rural Michigan countryside was abuzz of Deer Day Eve activity: deer blinds in place, freshly washed camo clothing hanging on clothes lines, target practice gun shots ringing out from newly sighted rifles, and cases of Busch Beer stacked in driveways ready for delivery to “deer camp.” All of that activity served as easy reminder that no matter how nice the weather is on Sunday, to ride on the dirt roads or in the woods would be like going for a ride though the Polish countryside in the fall of 1939.


An abandoned house through the weeds.

While my fourth ride of the week was a lowly twenty-six miles, it was of course nice to get out. We’ve been real lucky with the weather the November weather so far this year and it was nice to take advantage of it.

Dirt road hump shack.

A near perfect dirt road hump shack.

The rest of my Saturday consisted of what I hope is the final leaf rake of the fall, making up some chicken chili, drinking a few beers and listening to Hank Williams Sr. on the hi-fi before watching a movie with Wifey.

A wild farm cat.

Cat giving me the eye, ’cause it knows I’m jacking up the focus on its face.

Sunday is going to be a day of chill, putting together some newly acquired fitness equipment, and maybe going for a walkabout in town with my camera.


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