Gaps Between

I recognize the words I throw up from the rotting nether regions of my head and onto these digital pages are vital to everyone’s day. I totally get that and apologize for the ongoing gaps between posts.

Life with Lola (the dog) has been an adjustment to say the least; house training, crate training, and general chaos rule the day. Whose idea was it to get a puppy anyway? Mine??? Oh.

Anyway, it’s been busy, but all good. Along with puppy training, there’s been the start of B’s outdoor season, multiple practices, the return of outdoor riding for me, and some time at the shop when I can. The following will be a (mostly) photographic look at some of the past week.

Thursday brought a busy morning and a mid-day vet appointment for Lola, so I did a super quick multi-surface Better Than The Trainer? Ride™ to blow the mental stink off of me and get capture some pixels.

I was in the shop Friday morning where I helped the Austrian with the the front window display, molested a male mannequin, and blew my days salary on new tires that would nearly rip my thumbs off trying to install on Sunday morning.

B’s first game of the season was on Saturday afternoon, but I got out for a quick ride on Saturday morning.




Sunday’s weather would be the best we’ve seen here in mid-Michigan since about October, so I wasn’t going to pass up a chance to get some more miles in.

I headed up to the dirt road launching pad along The Jacques rail trail in Clare. I had a 27 mile mapped out from last year still loitering on my Garmin, so I decided to do that ride.


It was nice to be on some roads other than the ones on my standard loops, and nicer still to be wearing shorts and a jersey rather than cold weather gear.

I took some photos, shot some yet to be processed video, and enjoyed an afternoon on my bike.

At one point late in the ride, I decided to cut the ride short, but as it turns out, all I did was cut out some dirt and add in some rail trail. In the end, I finished with the same amount of miles as I had planned on riding.


Another busy week lies ahead, with cold and wet weather returning. Still, I’m hoping to get in some miles in the saddle (inside or out) and/or some steps in the woods with my camera.



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