What I Can, When I Can

Monday morning I took a chance and headed to the Not So Stankment to ride the Hammer and Zwift™ for 20 miles while letting Lola and Jake (the dog) sleep on the couch. Jake is a great dog, but the joke around the house is that he’s kind of a moody asshole. Yes, I see the irony of a moody asshole of a human having a moody asshole of a dog. Let’s move on…

Because he can be an asshole, I was taking a chance on letting him and Lola sleep on the couch together instead of crating her. Jake let out a few growls, a couple of eye rolls, and threw plenty of shade, but they eventually settled in for a bulldog snore fest.

My apprehensions and worries were eased by my idea to use the GoPro and the GoPro app on my phone to set up a makeshift monitor that would allow me to keep an eye on them whilst pedaling nowhere fast.

Tuesday morning was chaos from the start with constant attention needed to Jake, Lola, B, and Wifey. Somehow, someway, things settled down; B and Wifey were out the door, the fur-kids were back on the couch, and I was back in the saddle heading northward on gravel in the chilly morning air—hoping like hell I wouldn’t come home to a find the house ripped to shreds and dog shit everywhere.

An early stop to photograph some geese (and a stray duck or two) earned me one of my fave pics of late when the flock took off out of the water pooled in the field. Yeah.

The winds were picking up, and after 5 or 6 miles I was less than thrilled when I found myself turning into the south-west gusts. Still, I pedaled on, happy to once again be outside instead of on the Hammer or chasing a puppy around the house to prevent further carpet crapping. Goddamn shit machine of a dog!

After dealing with an even stronger wind out of the south and some fresh dirt the county was laying down, I found myself heading eastward and enjoying a strong tailwind.

The morning air was nippy, the wind blowing over the leafless and cropless landscape was steady, but it was a good ride. I even got a few pics I dug.

As soon as I hit publish here, I need to take advantage of a lull in the dog action to get a quick Zwift™ ride in. Would love to get outside but the wind is blowing at 20-30 MPH, and I have crap-ton of stuff to do.

EDIT: Publishing was interrupted by some puppy madness. Despite her cuteness and likely crying, I might have to crate Lola if I plan on getting anything in. Sigh…


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