Searching For Spring

Puppy madness continues into its second week, and Lola (the dog) is a black and white tour de force. Biting everything she can get her teeth on, pestering Jake (the dog) every chance she gets and is being a real shit disturber. In other words, she’s a puppy.

Down time?


With crate and house training getting slightly better, I snuck out for a quick hike in the woods of the Hall’s Lake Preserve outside of MP.

The sun was shining, the air was crisp, and I had a nice slow photo walk with my camera along damp trails and bare trees eager to get their bud on.

I had hoped for more riding, but this week is proving difficult in the time and from the looks of things, the weather is gonna take a big old snowy shit on my spring cavalcade of doing stuff by Thursday.





Oh well, Michigan gotta Michigan, etc., etc. Back to puppy mayhem…



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