Hashtag Blessed? I’m Not Your Aunt!

After a horrible night’s sleep that involved various amounts of tossing, turning, numerous bladder emptyings, cussing, and restlessness, I was up at 6 AM to do all my normal Dad/husband duties, and prepare for another #blessed day (sorry, as you can see I’m #beingadick). Once all duties were complete I set my eyes on a quick ride before the meaty parts of the day kicked in.

Since I had such a good day with the X-T1 yesterday while hiking, I went with it again today as I headed northward on the Boone. Results were mixed.

Only a few trees have started to turn colors thus far but fall is definitely in the air, my nipples can attest to this. Despite the morning sunshine and blue sky, the air was crisp and my headlights were very much on. I recall another longtime cycling blogger using the phrase “raisin smuggler” one time to describe the visible hardening of the nipple. Good thing I had a base layer on today to help shield my smuggled man raisins! Sorry about all the nipple talk, somedays nipple talk is all I have.

I enjoyed my walk in the woods yesterday, but I enjoyed my time out riding on the dirt roads even more today. I didn’t set any speed records and compared to yesterday my photos were crap. I love, love, LOVE sun and warm temps, but sometimes that doesn’t make for the most interesting photography. Looking forward to some rides in the slop. I guess I should start prepping my dedicated slop bike (the Fatterson) ready for such days. Which I hope are fucking far off!

Hmmm, maybe I am #blessed? No, your Aunt Joan is #blessed on Facebook because her cat passed a turd in the litter box that sort of looks like a dude onĀ Fox and Friends, I’m just a fat, beer drinking, picture taking cyclist happy to get out to ride for a couple hours on the dirt roads of rural Michigan. And who also may, or may not, have passed a turd that looks like a guy on Fox and Friends.


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