I Rode Too


Wednesday’s ride wasn’t just me rolling around singing 505 by Arctic Monkeys, it was also a nice 27.7 mile ride in perfect ride conditions. Sun, fluffy white clouds overhead, and comfortable temperatures with the slightest hint of a fall nip made for a perfect morning. There was some headwind heading north, but when you ride as slow as I do these days, it doesn’t really matter. Quick question: Other than 3 MPH, what’s the difference between going 13 MPH and 16 when you’re riding just to ride? Answer: Nothing.


I rode the PrOcal again because I’ve been too lazy, and a bit too busy to drive down to the shop and drop off the Boone’s rear wheel. It’s just was well, I think unless I lose 20 pound quick, my growing ass may be best suited to take up space on the Procaliber or the Fatterson. I suppose there’s a reason  you don’t see many plus-sized dudes racing cross. We brake shit, literally just riding along.


I physically didn’t feel as good as I did on Monday and Tuesday’s rides but I’ll take three days in the saddle any day, especially for a slacker like me.


Photos have been hit or miss in the bright sun lately. Not that I’m complaining. In fact, I was thinking that while Winter 2015/16 started late and ended even later (snow flurries in May!), Summer 2016 has been pretty amazing, and pretty much the antithesis of everything I experienced growing up in western Pennsylvania where “cloudy skies with a chance of showers and thunder storms,” seemed to rule every spring and summer.

Yes, it was super hot at times this summer, and our AC bill showed some numbers that I’d just as soon forget, but just like winter is supposed to have cold temperatures and snow–unlike last winter that gave us mostly 40˚ and freezing rain–summer is supposed to have sun and high temps. As a bonus I finally got to bust out that tube top and Daisy Dukes outfit that I bought ages ago.

Having said that, I’ll take the sun, and mid-seventies day-time temps we’ve been having all day long, especially knowing full well that you can NOT rule out seeing snow anytime from now until June.

I should probably stop typing, work, and go to the shop today. But my slack is so strong!!


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