Road Neffness


Everyone’s My favorite XCO racer–Jolanda Neff–has branched out onto the road this season. I’m no huge fan of road racing, but I’m glad to see Jolanda’s “Neffness” branching out onto the paved roads of the European women’s pro peloton.

Is this a way for her to take her XCO fitness to the next level, in attempts to score a mountain bike (or duo discipline, if that’s permitted) gold medal in Rio, or another way she can get back at one time teammate turned rival, French dominatrix (and cross racing roadie) Pauline Ferrand-Prévot? Not sure–but either way–it works for me.

The downfall of course is that coverage of the Women’s Pro Peloton in the U.S. is about on par with jai alai, so the chances of actually seeing her in action on the road are about a zero. Still, I figured there was no time like a snowy, rainy, slushy spring day in Michigan a few days before Easter to resurrect (pun intended) the xc.cult:ure series entitled Neffness. The series where I celebrate the amazing talents of a female Swiss racer for no real reason that I can think of other than I like the way she rolls. I mean do you know anyone else faster, and more skilled, with all that hair? I didn’t think so.

Thus far Jolanda has scored a 12th place finish at the Strade Bianche (her first pro road race), followed by a 3rd place at the World Tour Trofeo Binda in Cittiglio, Italy. Well done, but get your ass back on dirt NOW! Please?



Original photo: © Anton Vos (turned B&W, cropped, and used without permission by someone not him)

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