Macro Monday & Being Derailed


In my previous post, I talked of being on a mood rollercoaster. Well, that rollercoaster went off the rails and smashed right into a crowded elephant ears stand a hundred feet below.

I wish I could point to a reason, but I can’t. And I don’t know whether that is because there are too many reasons, no reason at all, or I’m just fucked in the head more than I think I am. Me thinks the truth lay somewhere in between. 

In the days since my last post, there was no riding and no “real” hiking to talk of. Other than things I had to do as an adult/parent/husband, it took everything I had to get out of bed. And it took the lure of shiny new camera bits to get me out the door for some short casual walks around Sylvan Solace, Meridian Park, and the vast (not really) grounds of the Cul-De-Sac-Shack, shooting macro shots with the above mentioned shiny camera bits; the Meike extension tubes for the Nikon z6.

I had been shooting my macro shots with a vintage macro lens that was gifted to me by a late family friend. However, the Meike tubes make shooting macro just that much easier. Which is to say it’s still hard dealing with narrow depths of field, but having the autofocus available is a great addition, and when the light allows, I go upwards of F18 to get more of the subject in focus.



I never thought too much about macro photography, but once I started to see the small details of the flowers, trees, and bugs of the woods, it became sort of addicting and a great way to take my mind off the dumpster fire known as the year 2020.

This week I am hoping to get my rollercoaster car of shit back on the rails. That may mean making a call to Mindbender II, or just learning to embrace this do-nothing while the world burns to the fucking ground as it probably should lifestyle. For now, I’m gonna post this shit, and then slowly get my shit together for a bike ride. Surely a couple hours of getting mentally dick slapped in the face by my lack of fitness should snap me out of this relentless funk.



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