Making The Best of The Slop

Friday’s ride was just the mental enema that was needed to clean out the brain sludge that had has been accumulating over the past few weeks. Because of that, I was eager to get back out on Saturday.

After two days of temps in the high 40s, nearly all of the roads were void of snow, save for a few long shaded sections of solid ice that made my blood thinned blood happy to be rolling studs.

Truthfully, the icy roads were the best roads of the day. The studs hooked up like champs and that made for some fast rolling conditions. Sadly, most roads were soggy messes and the strong headwind coming from the west made for some super slow speeds. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of needing to pedal downhill just to keep the bike upright! Luckily for every mile of headwind I pedaled into, there was a tailwind in response.

Finally a road void of standing water but still super mushy and super slow!

There was plenty of slop to deal with but the Fatterson plowed through unfettered and unfazed… at least for now, I’m sure in the future there will be a price to pay (literally) for riding in such watery slop! Oh well, it’s just my part in keeping bike shops in business.


So much flair, so much gritty mud.


The snows recede and show how some in Mid-Michigan cope with the long winters.

Temps have dropped like a stone back into the 20s and as I type it’s snowing again, but I’m hopeful that I can get out over the next couple day and add to January’s meager totals.


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