More Failed Attempts

On Wednesday morning I failed yet again to motivate myself to ride. Part of that was due to my mental state; the other part was seeing that there was a giant cluster of heavy rain creeping towards central Michigan.

Rather than stand in front of the mirror berating myself for my worsening dad bod and lack of career, I decided that the rapidly changing fall colors might make for a good time to shoot the mighty Chip using a long exposure.

I gathered my gear and quickly drove out to Deerfield Nature Park before I lost my motivation.

I hiked into the woods with my gear, crossed the bridge to where I wanted to get the shot, looked up and saw that most of the trees in the would-be frame had already lost their leaves. Sigh.

The trees in the downstream shot looked great, but finding a spot to set up was proving hard. I attempted a shot from the covered bridge, but it just wasn’t happening. Fail.

With that, I stuffed my gear in my pack and continued on hiking. Slowly walking through the warm, mosquito-filled woods until the first raindrops started falling.

I drove home, got a bunch of shit done, and watched the rain steadily increase in intensity.

By late afternoon it was pouring, and the last away match that B was going to be traveling to with the varsity team got canceled due to a waterlogged pitch.

Even though B isn’t playing on the varsity team right now (he may play during district playoffs), Wifey and I planned on going to the game to watch since it was nearby and we would have a chance to hang out with some parents from the other team who we’re friends with. With plans canceled, I had some beer, edited photos, and fired up a pot of chili.

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As a bonus, the bed frame that broke on me a month ago has started to fail again. So, most of my spare Thursday is going to be spent at Home freaking Depot wandering around trying to find a solution that doesn’t involve buying a new bed frame. Of course the temperature also dropped 30˚ overnight and the wind in gusting like a honky mo-fo, so I doubt I would have gone for a ride anyway. 

The day was sort of a fail. The chili was good though.


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