Not Being Right

As I closed my last post, I said that whatever I decided to do with my day—doing stuff-wise—it would be the right decision. That sounded good, and I tried to make it right, but choosing to ride had me wishing that I would have done just about anything else.

I’ll explain, because that’s what I do…

Obviously, I didn’t know the ride was going to suck, and when I started off on the bike path in Clare towards the dirt roads, I was feeling good. Then I got onto dirt and felt the energy and motivation exit my body and mind faster than a Wednesday morning Taco Tuesday dump.

The early morning storms that moved through the area left the dirt roads just mushy enough to zap energy. That, combined with early afternoon heat and humidity along with a stiff wind coming from the southwest had me thinking about turning around just a few miles into the ride.

I continued on and struggled to enjoy myself. The water I had with me was being drained fast and was already as warm as bath water. I tried to imagine that the numerous monarch butterflies I rode through early in the ride were signs that the ride would soon improve, and to just hang in there. But then I rode by vultures waiting to pounce on the next dead thing they saw and a skull on the road and took those as way more ominous signs to end the misery as soon as possible.

I pedaled on into the blazing sun anxious to head northward towards the rail trail as my Garmin beeped and buzzed telling me that I was off course. “YES, I KNOW! SHUT THE FUCK UP!!” Any cow, horse, or farmer within a mile of me could hear me scream as I rode along.

By the time I hit the rail trail I was running on fumes and could feel my legs flirting with cramp. The kicker was that my reroute really only cut about 2 or 3 miles off the planned route. Sigh.

I have no idea how or why I was so shelled. I’ve dealt with warm temps, wind and soft roads before, but this time they kicked my fat ass. If I’m honest, I was leaning towards an afternoon hike in the wet woods but was eager to ride again. A little too eager I suppose. I tried to make the best of a crap ride and did get a few pics I’m happy with, but that’s about where it ended.

Going to take my Labor Day to get some cleaning done and maybe do a walk in the woods.


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