Failed Attempts

Monday was Labor Day and felt like a Monday regardless of the holiday. Tuesday was Tuesday and felt like Monday because of the holiday. Know-what-I-mean?

Tuesday was also the first day of school for B-Man, which also happened to be his first day of high school and a move to the local public school from the tiny school he had gone to for eight years. I don’t know if it was the cluster fuck of a ride I had on Sunday combined with some pre-school year stress by association, but I was a crank-puss all day Monday. I found myself in bed by 8 PM, eager to just be done with the day. I then slept like a rock, only interrupted by the sound of another round of thunderstorms moving through the area, until 6:30 AM. After waking I made breakfasts, packed lunches, and drank coffee until Wifey and B left for their day. After they leave, I often lay down for a few minutes to collect my thoughts and plan the day, but this morning I fell back to sleep. Shit.

After three failed attempts, I gave up and just turned off my phone’s alarm. I guess body and mind were trying to tell me something beyond “Get out of bed you lazy ass!” so I thought it best to listen before finally getting up.

I was less than happy with myself given that I’m at the shop the next three days as well as schlepping B from school to practices and a match on Thursday evening. Oh well, I’m generally less than happy with myself, why should this Tuesday that felt like a Monday be any different? Of course, I was very happy not to be wrestling with my bike on mushy dirt roads and high heat and humidity again. Sleep was more fun than mush.

To try to salvage some time doing stuff outside, I drove out to the Sylvan Solace Preserve to walk around in the soaking wet, mosquito-infested woods with my camera. I took some shots, got a few I tolerated and headed home to mow the grass under the blazing sun and fromundah ball humidity.

I’m working Part Time Stay at Home Slack Dad Approved® 5 hour shifts at the shop the next three days so any riding will need to be squeezed in somewhere in the early morning or later in the evening; so probably not at all. Big shout outs to shop management for working with my slack-dad schedule. My unit appreciates it. Umm… my family.


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