Not THAT Crazy


I gotta say, last week was a darn good week’s worth of riding. There was no singletrack, and the rides weren’t all that long, but I managed to get 8.5 hours worth of riding in, which isn’t too bad for a beer loving, burrito eating, crap cyclist with a bad back like myself. Speaking of my back…

I finally got in to seem my PCP today about my back and hip issues. He agreed that something must be wrong for me to be experiencing consistent pain and discomfort during my activities. So he sent me down the street to have some x-rays done at the hospital. They said I’d hear about the results in a few days, but by the end of the day the office called with the results.



The nurse said that the x-rays of the hip were negative, but the x-rays of my back showed degenerative arthritis in the lumbar spine, and that the doctor was going to be in touch with my insurance company about approving an MRI so that they could get a better look at it and plan treatment. While I’m not thrilled to know that I have f’ing arthritis, but I am stoked to know that I’m not nuts, and that I am closer to getting some sort of treatment plan going to relieve the pain.


Big balled bull. Dayum!!

So now I just have to wait and hope that there is a way to help me get back in the saddle pain-free, hopefully sooner rather than later.


Red barn, red Ford F150 farm truck.

Between the doctor’s appointment, the x-rays, house, web work, and dad duties, there was a finite space of time to ride today. I was just about to kit up when I remembered (through the magic of pain) about my bloody, irritated crotchial region. It seems that my boys and the chamois of a certain brand of bibs made by a company I love, do NOT get along. Imagine scraping paint off and old, weathered, wooden garage door. Now–if you will–imagine that the barn door is a fleshy sack of testis. Got it?


So I thought it best to chill, give the old marble sack a rest, throw those bibs in the garbage, and look to the rest of the week to try to get some riding in.


Our backyard friend– Jabba The Toad.


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