Outdoor Time


The winds were pretty high on Monday, so my desire to get out on the dirt roads was pretty low; I also had little want to drive to a trail head to ride my mountain bike. Instead I chose to take a day off the bike, a decision made easier by having got 26 miles of singletrack in on Sunday. Even without being in the saddle I did manage to get some outside activities in.

I’ve mentioned once to twice before here that one of my goals, outside of riding my bike, is to try to get outside to do things. Whether it’s a hike around the county park, fishing (AKA Masterbassing™) or frolicking in the dandelions Opus style.


So on Monday I bookended my day with a Masterbassing™ session in the morning–in which I caught two smallmouth bass–and going for hike with Wifey at Deerfield Park last night.

bee on flower

Buzz, buzz, buzz. (translation: your auto focus is crap).

While neither of those activities really had me gasping for air and burning a shit ton of calories, it did get me outside to enjoy the Michiganderburgh summer while it’s still here.

bug and spider on flower

That is one crowded flower.

Aiming to get the Boone and its relaced rear wheel out on the dirt roads on Tuesday.


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