Pandemic Catch Up


It’s Friday evening, and I am trying to piece together another week of Pandemic-A-Go-Go 2020 as Bombay Sapphire hits my bloodstream, and Danzig hits my ear holes. Thankfully I have photos to cajole my memory. A mental fluffer for me if you will.

I know I spent some time in the shop on Wednesday, and Thursday, I went for a hike at the Audubon Woods Preserve. I shot more handheld macro stuff and then headed home to cut the grass for the second time in less than five days. Shit be growin’, n’at.


Today (Friday), I woke up with the want to ride my bike. So I did. It was a short ride just to remind me of why I love riding my bike, and to familiarize my soiled scrum area with the saddle of a bike.

With no real plan for the rest of the day, I decided to head down to the shop and help out for a couple hours. I figured I needed some more Chamois Butt’r® , I might as well hang out and work for a couple hours to pay for it.

Thursday’s hike was chill, and I got some OK shots. Friday’s ride was fun, and it was nice to be out on the dirt roads again. Especially since things are turning greener. The last ride I did was like riding through various shades of turd.


A small water crossing.


Muskrat, musking it up.

OK, I gotta split. Dinner is the oven, and we have Fusion team Zoom call to be at after 7. Hoping to ride a little more this weekend. Unless I don’t.

The Garage Step of Crap Fitness Reflection.


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