Pops, Grunts, & Moans

For better or worse (probably worse) I tell the truth here. I don’t purport to be a better cyclist than I am, and I sure as hell don’t think I’m a better person the rest of you all (I’m pretty sure there are animals that are better humans than me). To some, this comes off as being a fat face malcontent, while others dig the vibe I set. I like that a few people read this shit, but in the end, it matters not. It’s here. It’s free.

With that said, after a blustery morning hike on Friday morning, I somehow managed to get out and ride on Saturday. I can’t say I wanted to and I thought of about any excuse I could to not ride. I just haven’t been feeling the vibe, and each day I find myself feeling way older than my 47-year-old blubber covered big bones are. My left knee aches and grinds, my hip cracks, my shoulder throbs when the temperatures change, my left hand apparently has some arthritis in it now, my lower back always hurts and getting out of bed each brings a ritual of cracks, pops, grunts, moans, and muttered obscenities. And we haven’t even discussed my mind and weight issues.

Rapid, pre-mature aging and self-loathing be damned, I rode my bike!

My ride earlier in the week had me pushing into the wind in 80˚ mid-morning temps. Saturday’s ride had me fighting the wind again, but this time in crisp 40˚ late-morning temps. It was my first real fall ride of the year and required adding in a windfront base layer, knee warmers and cap for the first time in months.

The first few miles were a real slap in the face, and I worried that I might have underestimated the cold of the morning, but within I soon found myself warming up—just in time to turn westward into the wind.

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Despite the wind, I did find myself coming around mentally and physically and enjoyed the ride. The leaves are starting to change color, the sun was out, and the sky was blue. All welcomed sights after what seemed like two weeks or more of rain and thunderstorms.

I don’t exactly know what to do to get myself feeling better physically. I know what I’d LIKE to do, but as of now, there are federal, state, municipal, societal, and spousal rules and regulations prohibiting such activities. So, I guess I’ll just ride my bike, hike in the woods, and take photos along the way.


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