Relaxing AF

The snow of Sunday gave way to sun, and melting snows on Monday; followed by days of rain. Pretty typical spring weather. With that, saddle time has been non-existent, but sometimes I’m OK with that. As life goes on, cycling is something I like to do, not something I have to do, rely on for my identity, feel pressure to do, or rely on for my sanity. Sorry, I digress.

She’s lucky she’s cute!!

Lola (the dog) continues to be a handful as would be expected for a 12+ week old dog. Chewing fingers, toys, Jake (the dog), it doesn’t matter. But like the vile remnants of Taco Tuesday, this too shall pass. Still, between a new puppy, Jake (the dog), B, Wifey, a house, and working at the shop a couple days a week, time to get out to (NOT) forest bathe1 take pics has been few and far between.

Thankfully that ended on Thursday, and I was able to sneak out for a walk in the steady spring rain at the Sylvan Solace Preserve. The walk was short, and the quality of my photos was low, but the fresh air and the rain were relaxing as fuck, and it was just the mental enema I needed.


Out with the old, in with the new.


A trail gnome found my lost glove for me. Thanks!

As I type this Friday morning, it’s once again raining and dark as night outside. The only walks I will be taking today is from the car into the shop to work some hours. The rest of the weekend looks pretty good though, and I’m looking forward to being outside watching B’s State Cup match on Saturday morning and some time in the saddle or woods with my camera.


  1. I use this term jokingly’

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