It’s Gone

It was here; I swear it was! Just for a moment spring was here. And just like that [insert finger snap here], it’s gone.

More Gingie on Gingie violence. B (in green) defending hard.

Last week was not ideal for riding. A busy schedule, high winds, time at the shop, and a Saturday away match for B consumed time and my will to do anything but drink beer and watch footy on TV whilst chasing Lola (the dog) around the house and making sure Jake (the dog) doesn’t kick her ass for biting his toes!

Then Sunday came and with it came 4 or so inches of snow, wind, a canceled home match for B and me going stir crazy. So, with the snow pummeling mid-Michigan, I grabbed my camera and drove out to the Sylvan Solace Preserve to hike around in the wet blowing snow. An act I thought I would not be doing again until at least next November, but this is Michigan. Fucking Michigan.

I somehow managed to tuck my bad attitude away and enjoy the layer of wet snow that covered me by the end of my short walk. Letting the cold snow on my face and the peaceful woods before me serve as a reminder of how awesome nature can be. Fucked up at times, but awesome none the less.

Signs of the spring that was here for a minute.

The coming week looks to be just as shit as last week for riding. Several inches of melting snow is on the ground as I type, and serval days of rain are in the forecast, as well as some appointments, and time at the shop. Sort of funny that I spent all winter poo-pooing outside riding for Zwift™, then spring came, and I started riding outside. Now the idea of riding indoors seems about as fun as self-castration.

Woodsy texture.


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