Rides & Pissed In Oceans

After a pretty good indoor cycling session and a short forest walkabout with my camera on Tuesday, I was looking forward to some outdoor saddle time on Wednesday. I got that, but also got a bonus hike in the woods with B later that day.

I had planned to head to one of my Dirt Road Launching Pads for the ride, but somehow got behind schedule for the day and opted to ride one of my standard loops directly from the Cul De Sac Shack north of town.

The autumn air was nipply, the breeze was cold, and the clouds were hanging low over the fields which continue to become more bare as the harvest pushes onward. Soon the fields will be empty, the trees will be void of leaves, and the landscape will be like a midwestern Mordor only with way fewer Hobbits and orcs, and way more Busch Light drinking, trigger-happy hunters crawling over the countryside in search of meat.

It was nice to be outside on my bike, taking in the fall colors and the sights and sounds of the harvest. I do wish my slack would not have been so strong and I would have done the planned ride south of town, and that I would have stayed out a bit longer. In the end, 23 miles and a couple of crap photos would have to do.

After lunch, errands, and some work I got a text from B asking if I wanted to go for a hike a Deerfield. Knowing that B is not one to just want to go for a hike, I replied with questions and found out that he indeed needed some photos of various forest items for a homework project.

With that I found myself walking around the woods with him for an hour and a half, flipping over logs looking for bugs and critters before hurrying home to meet Wifey at the high school for parent-teacher conferences. There were straight A’s and much praise for the kind of kid he is, so that was nice. I can tell you this, parent-teacher conferences were NOT like that for me when I was a kid!!


My Thursday plan was to ride indoors before errands, house stuff, and an afternoon appointment with the Mind Bender. Writing this and getting sidetracked with some other chores has put me behind, so I may have to abort. It’s not like it will be missed, my workouts are like pissing the ocean; the piss, of course, being the crap workouts and the ocean being the ever increasing vast mass of flesh attached to my body. There’s always tomorrow, I guess.


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