Rule Violations

I put out a lot of “won’t dos” and “will dos” in my last post concerning my indoor training, and for the most part, I’ve been adhering to my self-imposed rules. Almost.

I rode indoors on Saturday and Sunday dialing in the Hammer/Zwift combo. Due to time restraints, I failed to get outside after my Sunday session. So I’ve already violated one of my rules.

I took Monday off the bike due to time issues and to wallow in slack and only managed a quick walk around in the woods just because I like the woods. I probably should have ridden outside on Tuesday because the temps were pretty darn nice, but by the time I was able to head out the winds had started up and I felt little desire to be pushed around by the wind. So I rode inside and didn’t regret it for a second.

At the risk of breaking yet another one of my self-imposed rules (Thou Shall Not Talk About Indoor Training): I pushed harder than I would have out on a dirt road ride, climbed more inside than I would have outside (that still blows my mind and feels so good!), and sweat like a damn fool for over 17 miles.

After the ride and a quick lunch, I headed over to the Audubon Woods Preserve and hiked a quick lap around to get back on track with Rule I (Thou Must Do Something Outside to Keep The Creativity Flowing and The Stink Blown Off if Thou Has Ridden Inside). If felt good to get out, even for just a little bit.

As soon as I get this taken care of, I’m going to layer up and get out for a spin around on dirt roads.

Pics in this post were from recent hikes at the Sylvan and Audubon Woods Preserves. See, I’ve done three trainer sessions and STILL no sweaty selfies. You’re welcome.


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