Seeing Red

A rain filled week of fall-like weather combined with work at the shop and a LOT of travel for B’s soccer meant that there was only one ride had all of last week; a quick 22.5 mile ride on Saturday morning.

B doing B things during a TIGHT 0-0 draw that got them through to the next round of the State Cup.

Friday night, we traveled down to the suburbs of Detroit as B’s team played their last game in the opening round of the State Cup tournament. We didn’t get home until about 12:45 AM and I stayed up a bit longer to unwind from an exciting game that saw the boys advance into the Sweet 16 of the tournament and the long drive home.

Given that I only got 5 hours of sleep, my expectations for the ride were lower than a 75-year-old man’s scrote. But with the sun FINALLY shining, there was no way I was going to pass up a chance to get outside.

Current mood be like…

Photo ops were few, the ride was OK, and I was soon home to mow the grass that grew green and long from a week of downpours.

Sunday was even more beautiful, but we were once again making a 2+ hour long trip to southeast Michigan for a game. Well, there was supposed to be a game. When we finally got there the pitch was unmowed, soaking wet, muddy, and with no markings. Our coach was concerned, talked to the refs and the refs decided that the match would not be played for safety reasons. In other words, we spent 5 hours in the car and tank of gas, and there was no game. I’m still in awe that the opposing club didn’t contact our club to tell them that their fields were shit. As of now, we’re still waiting to find out what the ruling will be on the match. If the league has any balls, they will force the other team to forfeit after the time and money we all spent getting there. But I doubt.

In other news of continued woe, I woke up Wednesday morning with a broken blood vessel in my right eye. It’s nasty as hell to look at. People on blood thinners such as myself are more prone to having them occur, and I must have strained too much while bench pressing heavy things for no reason on Tuesday. It started off bad and looks even worse now. I will spare you any photos, but I look like fat demon.

I was really hoping for a better year in 2019, but so far I’ve had an infected leg, a month-long illness, and an eye full of blood that could take up to 2 weeks to look better. Oh well, at least I can see.

Lola smoking a blunt in the backyard.

Maybe I’ll ride my bike this week. Maybe I won’t.


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