Steps Towards Turkey

Monday was spent doing whatever it is that I do on Monday. It’s now Wednesday, and I really don’t remember. Probably for the best.

Tuesday morning’s weather was too fall-like for me to care about riding my bike. I was happy enough to get some errands done and then get in a walk in the woods with my camera.

The temps were chilly, but the forest is turning green and growing all around. Spring hikes are my absolute favorite and Tuesday was no exception. My time spent stomping around the Hall’s Lake Preserve was excellent, and I was happy with some of the pics I brought home. I wish it would have been just a tad warmer to bring out more critters, but I’ll take what I can get.

The distance of the hike was brief, but I spent a good deal of time shooting pics, and even found another bench to sit, listen to the birds and contemplate what I’ve (not) done with my life. Thankfully I got sidetracked by a hungry stomach and the knowledge that if I spent my days sitting on benches thinking about my shortcomings, I would have to take up residence on said bench. So I went home and made a turkey sandwich. It was swell.




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