Slow Again

Today as I readied my bottles for my ride I briefly thought about taking the PrOcal out. Then I remembered how packed down and fast the roads were yesterday morning and how well the Boone performed on said roads. “What could change in 24 hours?” I thought. It turns out the dumping of fresh gravel on just about every gravel road north of town is what. Cuss!

Regardless of the deep gravel, that often had me fishtailing along, it was another fine morning to be getting some miles in.

As I pedaled northward I saw a pink stuffed bunny rabbit on the road. Given my affection for odd ball things laying along roads, I snapped a photo and pedaled on. About a half mile up the road I came upon a couple struggling to push their baby in one of those ATV looking baby strollers along the fresh dirt and gravel. It seemed like quite a coincidence so I slowed and asked them if they might be missing a stuffed bunny rabbit. They indeed were, and were happy to know it was just a bit further down the road. As Finn and Jake say: “Homies help homies. Always.” Unless they’re white nationalists or Nazis. Then they can fuck right the hell off.

Once I was heading westward I stopped to take a few pics at one of my favorite cow pens. The cows there are always eager to seem me (probably anyone) and always take a break from chow time to come over and moo my way.

I also passed what appears to be a newly erected hunting blind-hump shack-club house thing-a-ma-jig on the edge of a bean field. Given the spray paint on the front door I’m pretty sure it belongs to Bill So-and-So. Part of me wants to know what’s inside that thing, and part of me thinks that there might be a deer filled with Billy juice hanging from the ceiling. With that, I’m happy just to snap a pic and roll on.

After heading north once more I was now eastward bound and passed another group of cattle. These cows weren’t so friendly, choosing just to lay low whilst I fired off a few shots.

And I’m pretty sure bull in the photo just above it kinda wanting to get busy with Bessie and I ruined the mood. Sorry Bert! Mount up buddy.

As I rolled on I saw an ever elusive Blue Heron1 flying just above me. I stopped, grabbed my camera and tried to get a shot of it, briefly forgetting that I was using the Fuji X-T1, and its auto focus works about as fast as a stopped clock. As my lens was pointed skyward firing off blurred shots of nothingness I heard the clamber of hooves on the road about 15 feet from me. I looked down and saw a doe and a growing fawn scrambling down the road. They were standing in the corn right near me and I had no idea. I somehow managed to get at least one OK shot of them scurrying off.

Nearly 30 miles later my Brown Rice and Egg Beaters Vomit Bowl┬« had worn off and I was pretty hungry. So after getting home, getting out of my chamois and getting B-Man to a friend’s house, I made up a Buffalo Turkey Burger topped with lettuce, fat-free cheese, Frank’s Red Hot and “light” blue cheese dressing. I sort of over cooked the burger under the broiler, but it was still damn tasty. I’m pretty sure it will make its way into my Cat 5 Cooking rotation.

Hoping to maybe head south of town to ride on Thursday, but I never like to be too positive that a ride will actually happen. I may end up staring at my computer screen and trying not to think about shit show that our country has become since January. Fucking sigh.


  1. Not so elusive, but skittish. They usually hear me coming and fly off long before I can get a photo. Someday!

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