Snowshoes & Black Beans

Other than sleeping, the motivation for “doing stuff”1 has been low. Like, old man testies sort of low. Still, I’ve managed to do what I can with the scraps of motivation I have left in me after a month-long illness, a seriously infected cut on my leg, a self-esteem that’s plunging further and further into the nether regions of my stank anus of a psyche, and a winter that shows no sign of releasing its murderous grip from Michigan’s throat.

I spent my Tuesday “me time” in the Not So Stankment on the  trainer Zwift™-ing for a bit before re-introducing weights into my life. Nothing too long, nothing too heavy, nothing too fun, but something nonetheless.

Craving outdoor time with my camera, I headed out into another round of snow showers on Wednesday morning to stomp around the Sylvan Preserve on snowshoes. The air was crisp, the snow was pristine, and by the end of my hike I felt the elusive emotion of semi-happiness creeping into my head for the first time in weeks.



I got a few OK pics, saw a bald eagle fly overhead as I stood along the river (always amazing!), and a few deer running through the snowy woods. For what it was, it was swell.



Post-snowshoe semi-happiness iPhone selfie.

After the stomp, I went on to complete some errands, before heading home to have another go at making some homemade spicy black bean veggie (not vegan) burgers. I have to say, this batch was one of the tastiest yet.

Cat 5 Cooking tip: baking the black beans for about 10 minutes at 350˚ prior to making up the “meat” helps keep the burger from becoming too mushy. Onions, peppers, egg, garlic, breadcrumbs, spices, and beans create the “meat.”

Behold the Soiled Black Bean Burger with the works.

Planning on some Zwift™ miles on Thursday. We’ll see if that happens or if I find a reason to stay under the covers in bed, fantasizing about being fed spicy black bean burgers by scantily clad wispy vegetarian women.


  1. Doing stuff, of course, means riding, running, lifting heavy things for no reason, etc., etc.

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