Heaping Gobs of Love

The time between rides these days is vast. Horrible spring weather, a super busy soccer schedule for B, time at the bike shop, and a scorching case of don’t give a shit have all played a part in my lack of saddle time.

Then, of course, there are the rides I’ve done where I pedal along and find myself thinking that riding my bike is about the dumbest thing ever. I know it’s not, you know it’s not, but some days, weeks, years, decades, and lives can be dark. And as of late things have been a bit too dark in the cock and balls region of my brain that pumps out heaping gobs of love for all things bike.


However, I am happy to say that I rode my bike on Tuesday and it was the longest ride I’ve done in 20191. And at no point during the ride did I sink into a state in which I wanted to toss my bike in the weeds, walk home, crack a beer, and think about trying to renew my Pro license in the Competitive Masturbation League of America.


The temps were warm, the sun was shining, my mental state was improved, and I felt good on the bike. As a bonus, I also nabbed a few pics I dug.


I don’t want to rush into things and start thinking that my cycle-mojo has returned for good, but days like this are pretty awesome, and I hope to have a few more this spring and summer. Of course, I’m in the shop tomorrow, and if there is one thing that can make me loathe cycling, it’s the general public.



  1. By longest I mean it was 31.75 miles long. That is not a long ride, but in the mentally cloudy days in which I presently ride, 31+ miles might as well be a century

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