The New Normal


It happened so fast, I really don’t know how it happened…. How did I go from a guy who was more than happy to chime in and talk shit on fat bikes and how there was NO way I was going to spend money on bike that weighs nearly 40 pounds just to ride in the snow and cold, to riding a fat bike just being part of my week? How????

In my entire adult life I have never once woke up and been glad to see snow. Never! NEVER EVER! Until I picked up this used Pugs. Now, in just over a week, I wake up and see fresh snow and think of how much more rideable the dirt roads will be and how I can ditch the gym and go for a ride instead. I gotta say, it’s fucking brilliant. And doing a great job at keeping my head out of a noose.


It’s not that I all of a sudden I’ve fallen in love with the snow and cold. Nope, I still hate it with all my might… almost as much as I hate The (fucking) Eagles… or  Genesis. Or worse yet, fucking Sting! Errrrr…. STING!! It’s just that I live smack dab in the middle of Michigan. We get a shit ton of cold weather and snow, and if we didn’t get snow we would get freezing rain, and what the hell are you going to do in freezing rain except slip, fall and break your fucking coccyx (or other bone of your choice)?  This week last year I had spent four hours and counting on the trainer. This week I have about 3 hours of riding outside in and 1.5 at the gym.

Sure, there was a time (pre 2.22.12) when I would venture out on whatever bike was around and do my best to get workout in. But pain has a way of making you think otherwise and last year’s attempt to ride the trainer all winter did NOT work out well. So far this year, I am extremely happy, enjoying the confidence the Pugs (AKA The Musk Ox) gives me on the ice and snow and do not regret my purchase one bit!

With all that shit said, do I love winter? HELL NO! BRING ON SPRING!! But I am LOVING being outside.


Today’s ride was so much better than yesterday’s ride. We got a coating of snow last night and that took the edge off some of the ice and I also headed north of town instead of south and those roads get way less traffic, so there are less ruts and fewer worries.


Because of that I was able to stay out for an extra 40 minutes and got a very sweet ride in. I am amazed at how a couple of years ago I didn’t hesitate to ride in crap, but I still wouldn’t have rode in 18˚ temps (outside of the woods). Today, I actually felt warm!


My past two rides sort of sucked. Yeah, I was outside and riding but I was too ass-puckered from the ice to enjoy it. Today was different. Today just felt “normal,” and I like it. I like it a lot.

We are expecting another four to six inches of snow in the next 24 hours, so I will PROBABLY be on the trainer tomorrow, but things look to get back to “normal” on Sunday or Monday.


Time to drink some beer and enjoy the weekend. Cheers.

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