The Ones That Got Away


The weekend ended up being pretty crap for riding; it pissed down a hard rain all day Saturday, and Sunday was sunny, but windier than hell. Wifey got home around 1 PM from Pennsylvania and I had plenty of time to ride, but has absolutely NO desire to ride in the chilly June wind (yes, I said chilly and June in the same sentence, welcome to Michigan).

I [wrongly] figured the trails would be too sloppy to ride after Saturday’s rains, so I headed out to do some fishing for a couple of hours. When I left I grabbed one of the rod and reel combos I have lying around the house. It’s an ultra light rig that’s good for pan fish or really small trout. I figured I wouldn’t latch onto anything and if I did it would probably be small. Well, it turns out I did latch onto something: twice! And both times my struggle to land the fish ended up with a snapped line and a $7+ lure gone. Drat!


The first fish was a decent sized rainbow trout that I was lucky enough to at least catch site of as it surfaced near me, the second fish never got close enough, so I have no idea what it was, but assume it was another rainbow since I was in the same spot. Of course it could have been an elusive Brown Speckled Turd Sucker.


I was disappointed not to have landed a fish, but after the dreary, wet Saturday we had, it was nice to get out in the sun, even if it was a bit chilly for June.

Once I got home I double checked, and saw that the reel on the rod I took only has like 4 pound test line on it! I can’t believe I got that rainbow as close as I did! Luckily I have another set up with 10 pound on it, so that might give me a slightly better chance next time!


Green, green and more green.

Today I managed to squeeze in a lap up at Mid. The trails were in awesome shape and it’s hard to believe that we had heavy rains all day Saturday and two days later I rode and didn’t get a speck of mud on me. Hell, they were probably fine yesterday! I even saw another rider out, not something I usually see. I guess I’m not the only slacker out riding trails on a Monday morning.

The weather looks good for the coming week, so I’m hoping that I can get some (dirt) road miles in the next couple of days before returning to work at the shop Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I sort of fell off the dietary wagon the past week or so and really need to work on my man gut. It’s really discouraging… you eat ten pieces of stuffed crust pizza, ten wings, an unknown amount of grilled burgers, oven fries, some Mexican food and drink twenty(ish) beers, and it all goes RIGHT to your gut! What the hell man?


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