The Return

Today was the return of various sorts of winter puke; rain, rain/snow mix, and finally wet snow. As of now not enough snow to make things fun, but enough to keep the roads–especially the dirt roads–crapper than ever.

With it pissing down various types of wintry hate outside today, it meant that it was also the return of time on the stationary trainer for the second time this week. Not sure if it’s because it’s been so long since I rode the trainer or what, but I really haven’t minded it. It’s been nice to give my joints a rest from running and enjoy such things as walking up and down stairs pain-free, as well as zoning out and sweating all over myself while listening to, or watching, music.

Post ride iPhone portrait of the Spicy Pretty Hate Machine.

While my running hasn’t done much for my cycling, and vice versa, my average heart rate for treadmill intervals vs. an hour on the stationary trainer is about even. My max heart rate efforts are higher on the treadmill, but the average is nearly identical. Meaning that it doesn’t matter if I walk, run, or ride, I’m average. Average crap!

Finally today marked the return of some creative mojo that I’ve been lacking for the past few years. Not that I don’t find myself creating something almost every day (welcome to my curse), but today marked the return of wanting to actually create some projects that would go beyond my own personal enjoyment. The great thing is that I’m putting no pressure on myself to get them done as soon as possible and going about them more methodically than I have with past projects. I want to make sure if they (ever) happen, they are void of the pressures I’ve put on myself in the past, and done because I want to do them, not because I feel I have to do it. I know that’s all pretty vague, and noncommittal, but after finally putting past creative failures to bed (see XXC Magazine), I want to ensure my mental happiness when taking on projects and make it exactly what I want it to be with little fucks given about what others want or expect.


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