The Sum of The Ride


I once again found the will to get out into the various shades of gray and fecal brown that make up the landscape of a late fall in Michigan to ride my bike for a bit. Today was pretty much the same sort of day as yesterday, except I went a mile or two longer and did a slightly different loop. A good loop, with some nice punchy climbs on loose sand and gravel, but sadly, it was a short loop.

I blathered at length yesterday about the Michigan gray and forcing myself to ride my bike when I would have rather been holed up in bed, snuggled up to the warm, ample bosoms of a red-headed Jezebel and an IV hooked up to a bottle of gin, so I will avoid doing so again today and just post some pics. The photos–like the cattle pic above–pretty much sum up any ride I do on the dirt roads around Michiganderburgh and what I encounter on my rides.



There will always, ALWAYS be countless barns. I rarely ride past this one, but did today and found it interesting how well the color of the barn matched the dismal gray sky of the day.

Rotting trailers and RVs (home?)


You are bound to pass at least one RV or trailer of questionable condition. My first thought is that they are some sort of Walter White portable meth lab. My second is that someday in the near future I may be squatting in one of these when the aforementioned red-headed Jezebel (that I happen to be married to) says enough is enough, and kicks my flabby, useless ass to the curb.

Shoot it Jeb! Shoot it!!


You will see at least one sign that some redneck felt the need to shoot the shit out of. I mean, we couldn’t possible let a sign warning people about buried underground cables escape the wrath of shot-gun blast, could we? I would call them idiots for doing so, but it does sort of add a bit of character to an otherwise drab and pedestrian piece of signage.

Are you blind??


You will see between one and forty hunting blinds of various styles, heights, and conditions. In a week or so these blinds will be loaded with armed folks looking to bag a buck. Good thing I sport a bright red riding jacket… not that matters.

Dogs… there’s always dogs.


You will encounter at least one dog who does not take kindly to you passing their human’s home or farm. Some will jump, some will bite, some like the once above will just stand and bark at you, then scurry home when you tell it. Today’s dog, was a good dog.

Body parts


Finally, there must be at least once picked clean animal carcass or random pile of body parts of questionable origin and species in the middle of or along the road. Seriously, what the hell is that?? Dog? Deer? Human??? Bleh!

Well, there you go, a ride in Michiganderburgh. Riding is doubtful for tomorrow since the weather geeks are predicting a high of forty with rain and snow. Yes, fucking snow. CUSS!


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