The Week That Wasn’t


This week has been kind of crap, and not just because last week was so freaking awesome! It’s been crap because of the weather (snow, seriously?), not riding outside thus far, annoying, dirt bag student neighbors (who will hopefully be leaving when the semester ends), poor sleep, and varying degrees of self-inflicted, random acts of stupidity from me (of which there were many).

On the brighter side of the week: no one died (yet), I haven’t gained the weight–which I’ve been working hard to lose over the past two weeks–back (yet), Wifey hasn’t left me (yet), B-Man doesn’t hate me (yet), and my various Trek bikes (how did that happen??) were not part of the galaxy wide skewer recall (yet).

The Start of Stupidity

The week’s stupidity started when I forgot that I even had a LinkedIn profile (who uses that site, really??), and that when XXC Mag ended I wrote a snarky, semi-humorous (in my opinion), tongue-in-cheek update of my “professional” profile (the profile I forgot I had on the site that I didn’t think anyone actually looked at). Without knowing me and my sense of humor (or lack there of) the long forgotten update of course had the potential to make me look like a bitter, halfwit with a bovine-sized chip on my plump shoulder (for being a halfwit).

Well it turns out people DO look at that site, including the person to whom I recently sent a resume. A fact that was presented to me when the site that I didn’t think anyone actually looked at sent me an email saying basically, “Hey Jason, guess who has looked at your profile recently and now thinks you are a complete fuck up!”

Just another act of brilliance on my part. I have since deleted my account, but like the millions of selfies floating around on the internet featuring nearly naked girls smoking bongs and flashing gang signs (WEST SIIIDE…bee-atch), who delete all incriminating photos from social media just before graduation, ’cause you know, they might want to look for a job and don’t want potential employers knowing about their tramp stamp and love of ganja– it’s too late, it’s out there. Oh well, it makes for good blog fodder. It may have no bearing on whether I get an interview or not, but if I don’t, at least I have something to fall back on other than a lackluster resume.

Of course there’s always that possibility that a potential employer could stumble upon this blog and gaze at the life of a halfwit in all its glory… nah!!

In Hindsight, The Light Leaks Weren’t So Bad


I mentioned in a post earlier this week [see The MJU Project No. 2], how I continue(d) to have fun using the Olympus MJU II Stylus Epic 35mm film camera. It’s an excellent little point and shoot film camera and when I procured it from eBay it arrived in what looked to be near mint condition. Sadly, I was getting a TON of light leaks on nearly every shot. I Googled, I read, I searched, I read, I asked questions in forums, etc., etc., I found some possible solutions to seal some areas of the camera. Solutions which I attempted, jacked up, I pretty much ruined the camera and rendered it a 20-year-old plastic paperweight that used to take photos.

As you can imagine, I’m not real happy about all of that, but I do have some other cheap film stuff in the works and have also started my search for another Stylus Epic to replace the paperweight.

The Continuation of Stupidity


A flat at Roubaix, whilst Hitler doppelgänger and his girls look on.

The joy of the week continued today when I awoke to more cold wind and light snow on the ground. While the snow wouldn’t last long and the temps would get into 40s, I am mentally done with riding in the cold. It’s funny how in January I can muster up the will to get out in single digit temperatures to ride, and in April I say, “fuck it” and perch my ass on the trainer for an hour. An hour that was interrupted midway through due to a flat. Yes, I flatted on the trainer.

Amazingly enough, this is not the first time I’ve flatted or had a mechanical on the trainer, and in the past I thought it was a bit humorous; I was less than entertained today. Luckily this week’s Men in Blazers podcast was excellent and I wanted to keep listening.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

So I hopped off and flagged down a team car. When no one arrived–other than Jake (the dog) at the top of the basement steps to investigate what all the cussing was about–I quickly changed out the tube and continued on my way to nowhere listening to Rog and Daveo.

The week has been less than ideal for a multitude of reasons. Some of which were funny and some of which were not so funny. But in the end NONE of them were all that serious. Plus, the week’s not over yet and there is still time to salvage a few good rides and some good times. Of course there’s also plenty of time to fuck more shit up. Let’s just hope for the best.


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