Vegetarian Eating With Fish (and Meat)

It’s been 5 days since the Suckest Ride of 2018 v.1 and I’ve had little interest in returning outside since. My mind hasn’t been in the right place, not to mention the days have been all over the place this week due to the MLK holiday, B-Man having 1/2 days due to finals most of the week, an appointment, and a general slack and disinterest about most things not involving sleeping 18 hours a day.

I have not been completely idle though and have been spending a good deal of time on the Dreadmill doing sprint intervals in an attempt to burn off the bowling ball bag shaped beer belly that now enters the room before the rest of me.

I’ve also been doing some subtle diet changes…

Do you have a moment to talk about Pescatarianism and it’s roll in your life 80% of the time?

In addition to the running/lumbering/panting that I’ve been doing in the Not So Stankment, I have also resurrected the 80/20 Pescatarian lifestyle that I flirt with every so often. If you’re wondering what being a Pescatarian is all about, allow me to talk to you about it for a few minutes: it’s sounds like it’s really close to being a Presbyterian, but it’s really just adding fish and seafood to a vegetarian diet and it has nothing at all to do with religion or Presbyterianism, the names just sound a bit similar.

The 20 part of the 80/20 means that I only eat meat about 20% of the time. Not sure how long it’ll last (probably about 5 days to a week before I return to eating buckets of canned taco meat on a daily basis) but it couldn’t hurt.

I figure little changes like cutting back the meat and upping the plants, fish heads, tuna balls, and legumes combined with my 99/1 approach to beer (1% of the time I don’t drink beer) I should be back to my fighting weight by the year 2030, just in time to be fit (likely dead) by the time I’m 60. Fuckin’-A, man… fuckin’-A. Now pass the beans, fillet that fish, crack open a cold one, and cue up the Pescatarian Songs of Praise before I thaw that steak!

Time to ride the trainer.


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