Slushy Hikes & Puppies

After I hit publish on my last post, I was anxious to get outside to ride again. Sadly, after I looked at everything that needed to be done around the house—and elsewhere—before we went to pick up our new bulldog puppy late Friday afternoon, I reconsidered and slipped into a world void of riding and littered with chew toys and puppy prep.

It hurt like a fist to my tubby gut not to ride because the weather on Friday was sunny and warmer than it had been in months, Saturday would bring rain, snow and a hike, and Sunday would be sunny but cold and windy; perfect weather for being back in the Not So Stankment on the Hammer.

Truthfully, I was so busy I don’t know how I would have got a ride in. Once our puppy Lola got home, it was full gas! Puppies are like bipolar furry babies on meth… that shit on the floor and are super cute despite looking like Winston Churchill and Wilford Brimley had a love child. And like newborns, each day gets a little easier.

After a watching foot on Saturday, I headed out to the Sylvan Solace Preserve to hike and take some video. My goal was to find some signs of spring if possible and try to stay dry as it alternated between wet snow and cold rain through the day.

The video shooting was OK, but I couldn’t keep up with the water that was hitting the GoPro’s lens, so some of the footage is a bit blurry. I used it anyway, ’cause I really don’t care.

B’s spring season starts this weekend, and this week starts outdoor practice in earnest. Things will be pretty crazy with 4+ hours a week spent driving to and from 3 practices a week (4 this week) and to 1 to 2 matches a weekend all over Michigan from now until early June. It’s all good though, watching B’s skills and performance grow each season is a joy to watch, and the time I spend away from the house hauling him around helps me to imagine I’m contributing something to someone.

I had a real good Zwift™ ride this morning, but I am looking forward to getting outside to pedal for pixels. #Pedaling4Pixels


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