Who Dis?

My excuses are longer than a porn star’s manhood. My slack is stronger than a pre-castrated bull. And my waistline’s girth and body weight are that of a Mart-Cart fatty with a basket full of Ding Dongs and Mountain Dew.

Riding was extremely limited in the past week due to the intense heat that mid-Michigan was getting. I tried to ride on Saturday morning and only made it 5 miles before turning around and heading home for a whopping 10-mile ride of suck.

Other than a hike with Wifey at Bundy Hill one day, the rest of my days were spent either in the bike shop or in the blissful air conditioning of the Cul De Sac Shack drinking beer and lusting for new camera gear.

The coming week looks way better for riding, and I am also heading to the gym today to get a new membership. I don’t like the gym, but I need something to do on the days when the time for a ride is limited, but time to lift my pecks off of my belly with some weight training is not. Sigh.

Here is a bunch of random photos from the past week of slack.


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