Boots Not Bikes


When I woke up this morning at  6:05 and checked the weather while drinking my pre-dump cup of coffee, weatherdotfuckingcom said “35, rain, snow, wind.” Yeah, that sounds pretty crap to me. So I took a last gulp of java, headed upstairs, shat out that coffee fueled dump and sat upon the throne thinking of how to get my ass outside. It was obvious to me that a ride was NOT going to happen (’cause it would surely be anything but fun), so, I was gonna have to put one foot in front of the other and do a hike around Deerfield Park. Cuss everything all to hell! You can call it a hike, but it’s walking!! WALKING!! Ug!! What’s next, Shake Weights??


Don’t let go!!

Between the heavy rain yesterday and the strong ass winds of today–and various times over the past week–there is little foliage on the trees at Deerfield. Come to think of it there is little of anything that looks alive… I saw ONE deer driving into the park and one squirrel over four miles of walking. I think other than that squirrel and deer, and myself, there wasn’t another living thing in the park. Just dead, wet leaves, bare branches, some mud and wet sand. Oh, and a few stray mushrooms and Tribble-like fungus clinging on for dear life.


If I thought it would kill me, not just make me sick, I would have ate it.



I once had a dream that I had these things growing in my armpit. True story.

Oh mushrooms, thanks for giving me something to shoot. Thanks?


Stomping autumn two-track through the woods.

In the woods, the wind wasn’t nearly as bad and the trails weren’t all that muddy, so I should have rode the fatty around in circles for an hour or so. I would have felt better afterwards than I did from hiking walking.

Tomorrow looks like a good day for riding with no rain in the forecast and predicted winds of just five miles per hour. YES! I’ll take that shit all day long.


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