Build an Ark

Against the better judgment of the weather goof on TV, but falling in line with my 49 years of poor decisions, I headed out into Summer Monsoon-A-Go-Go 2021 for a walk at Meridian Park on Saturday.

It’s been real build an ark-type weather here over the past week, so any outdoor activity needs to be inside. 1 In other words—it’s been raining a lot, so unless you don’t mind getting wet (spoiler alert, I don’t), you’re better off inside.

I was up early on Saturday with nothing to do other than enjoy several cups of coffee, multiple bowel evacuations, and an unexpectedly amazing sub-300 calorie turkey bacon, cheese, and egg muffin sammich. Then I got bored.

The combination of coffee and boredom had me wound up with nothing to do, so I got my camera shit together, found my rain jacket, grabbed my hikers, and headed out for a walk in the never-ending rains we’ve been experiencing this week.

I left my big ass lenses at home and opted for my Sigma 17.0-50.0mm f/2.8 DX lens with the F to Z adapter on the z6. Yes, I used a DX lens on a full-frame camera, but I wanted the extra stops of light in something small enough to stash under my rain jacket if things got too wet, and it did! 

I sort of lucked out and only experienced some off-and-on drizzle while walking but was still soaked due to the wet overgrowth along the trails. The trail along the river—and many others— had several long stretches of pooling water, so for the sake of semi-dry toes, I avoided it.

While near the pond, I saw a BIG ol’ water snake cruising through the weeds. I tried to follow it a bit to get a shot, but the combination of weeds and a small lens meant that all I have is the memory of being startled as the thick-assed reptile slithered in front of me. A similar thing happened with a beautiful frog jumped in front of me and into the brush. I’ll be back, frog! Somedays, you don’t get any critters; this was one of those days.

Despite no critters, I was stoked with some of the images I got. I was also happy that I went outside and enjoyed the wet and humid woods for a bit. TV weather-goof be damned!


NOTE: All the keepers from Saturday’s walk can be seen on my image site.

  1. Wait, what?

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