Macro Monday has been canceled due to the Memorial Day holiday (which only means that I don’t have any new true macro shots to share).

Instead, I bring you Sunday, Frog-Day. Yeah, I know it doesn’t rhyme, and I’m sure it’s not a thing, er, wasn’t a thing until now.

Yes, it is indeed at a thing now, even though it’s actually being posted on Monday, not Sunday, which would make it Monday, Frog-Day, not Sunday, Frog-Day. Oh fuck it, it’s a post with some frog photos that were taken on Sunday, and posted on Monday. Call it whatever you want, which will most likely be “another shit blog post.”

As you can see, it’s not all frogs here today. I also give to you; A DEAD CARP ON THE TRAIL! [insert audience applause here]

Processed in black and white to ease the fishy horror.

Not sure how the bloated corpses of a fish got there, but I suspect that when the Chipp crested last week, it washed up onshore, and then it was dragged a few hundred more feet by a critter who ultimately realized that carp tastes like rubber, mud, and feces and left it to bloat in the warm sunshine.



I missed the money shot of this deer splashing through the swamp, but did get this crap shot.

Yes, this weekend while thousands of Michiganderburghers traveled northward to prematurely and ill-advisedly cram their “Don’t Tread on Me, I have a right to contract and spread ‘the’ COVID if I want to!” drunken asses and party boats together to honor(?) those who have served our country, I was riding over rural gravel roads on Mr. Burgundy taking photos of cows and horses on Saturday, and stomping through the mud and humidity of Meridian Park taking photos of frogs, flowers, and a dead carp on Sunday.

I like to think that those who have fallen serving our country are looking at me from the other side and thinking that I made a better choice. And if they’re not, fuck it, I think it was the better choice, and that’s all that matters.


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