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Wednesday brought the subtlest of changes to my routine of not having a routine, but they were enough to give my brain the “rub and a tug” it needed.

Most of the day was spent doing typical Pandemic-A-Go-Go non-activities. Then after scarfing down a White Pita Pizza, I decided to go for a walk in the woods. Probably to one of my regular haunts.

As I drove toward the Sylvan Preserve, I looked at the clock and realized that it was later than I thought. Part of me thought of just turning around, taking care of the errands I needed to do, and going home. Instead, I made a left turn and headed towards Meridian Park.


Yes, those white dots are snow.

I rarely go to Meridian for anything other than fishing or using the lot as a Dirt Road Ride Launching Pad. It’s a nice area along the river, but there are not enough trails to tickle my hiking pickle. But, there are enough sections to satisfy my urge to click a shutter button.

I parked and started my way towards the river. About 50 feet later, I saw a blue heron chilling in a large pond. I took a moment to get my camera ready and curse the fact that I only had my 24/120mm lens on the z6. When I lifted my head back up, it was gone. Or so it seemed.

I took a few steps, and it flew up out of the water and off over the trees. I was able to get a few shots to at least capture the moment, but having one of my longer lenses would have been much better.

I continued my walk, getting a variety of images that I hadn’t captured in a while: bird nests, river shots, cattails, etc. It felt good to get some different shots.


I was happy to see that the county has cleared more brush along the river allowing for more access. As I walked along the banks of the Chipp, I started seeing clear signs of beaver. Then a few steps later, I looked over my shoulder and saw a beaver swimming downstream with a small branch in its mouth. Just as I went to get a shot, it dove underwater, and I missed it!



Beaver lodge, no beaver in shot.

As luck would have about 50 feet further down the trail, I saw the beaver’s lodge on the opposite bank of the river. I paused and waited, knowing the critter was most likely headed that way. Sure enough, a few seconds later it popped its head up out of the water and made its way up into its lodge. I once again cursed the fact that I didn’t have one of my longer telephotos lenses. And again managed at least I capture the moment (not shared here). Then things got a bit more interesting.

HORRIBLE zoomed in crop of nest and eagle (middle right).

As I waited and hoped for another shot, I looked beyond the river and into the woods to see what seemed to be an eagle’s nest in the distance with the nest’s owner sitting on a branch just above. Once again, I cursed myself for not having brought one of my other lenses. I took a few shots anyway just so I could crop and zoom in later to confirm that I was seeing what I was seeing. I indeed saw what I saw, and made mental notes to head back to the same area the next day with my BIG ass 600mm lens.

The Mighty Chipp!


Despite missing what could have been some awesome wildlife shots, I was still happy with many of my images from the day, as well as getting to see some cool Michigan wildlife.

I headed home, first making a quick stop at the store to pick up beverages and some cake-like food for my father in-law’s virtual 71st birthday party on Zoom later that evening.

Turkey vulture.

As I drove home, I saw some goof with “RECALL WHITMER” spelled out in duct tape (seems about right) on his truck’s rear window. Unbeknownst to me, the state’s large population of right-wing nut jobs, conspiracy theorists, and Don’t Tread on Me militia type fuck faced morons had gathered in Lansing earlier in the day to protest our governor’s Pandemic Stay at Home Order. I guess looking out for the health and welfare of your constituents is frowned upon by these morons. I wish they would have had that sort of energy to protest when the former Republican governor stood by and let Flint be poisoned. Fucking idiot’s.

I think Governor Whitmer’s response to their protests was spot on:   

“The sad irony here was the protest is they don’t like being in this stay-at-home order, and they may have just caused a need to lengthen it.”

Yes, nothing like a large gather of germ spreading, maskless nut jobs with guns to stop the spread of a deadly virus.

Later that evening, I felt the need to send the governor a brief message of support, just to let her know that all Michiganders are not nut jobs. OK, I admit, I’m a nut job, but I’m not a right-wing nut job, and that makes a BIG difference.

Pay attention to me!!

With that bit of right-wing stupidity and another hefty dose of my unrequested left-wing opinions out of the way, the virtual birthday party went well, and it was nice to still be able to celebrate my father in-law’s birthday with him during such a fucked up time. I even managed to do my best to capture the moment. Only sharing Lola’s part here.

No? Well, then I’m getting up on the table. Jerks.

Hoping for more luck shooting pics at Meridian Park shortly.


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