Exciting Times Indeed


After getting up at my regular Pandemic-A-Go-Go 2020 time of ten to a quarter after 10 o’thirty on Monday, I wrote something about Sunday’s hike, said I was going to do something out in the gusting winds; then didn’t. Then I went for groceries later that afternoon.

While paying up, there was a man (6 feet) behind me in the checkout line fully ensconced in various shades of camo, sporting an American flag germ mask, and a hat supporting an orange, unhinged deranged totalitarian for President in 2020. Then I became a bit unhinged myself, came home, poured a drink, edited my earlier post a bit out of boredom, and then added a rant1 about said, man. Exciting stuff in the land of (un) soiled COVID-era chamois these days.


On Tuesday, I mixed things up and got up at ten past a quarter after 10 o’thirty, saw a light dusting of snow on the ground, did some things that I can’t remember right now, made some lunch, and then went to Bundy Hill to walk in the crisp–not spring yet–air amongst the trees struggling to find a reason to come to life.


I walked, I enjoyed the frigid smack in the face from the wind, talked with a man and his dog about the recent raptor migration (the man did most of the talking), took some shitty photos (today’s theme is desquamating trees), and came home to do some more unremarkable and unmemorable things around the house before having some beverages, watching Two Bears, One Cave on YouTube, making a horrible dinner, throwing most of it out, and going up to lay in The Bed of Torment by 7 PM. There I read and played golf on the iPad until I said “fuck it,” turned out the light, tried to ignore the fact that it was still daylight outside, and attempted to trick my brain into falling asleep. A process that took about two hours, and would be repeated again about four hours later.


Now here I am again, writing this bullshit and trying to figure out something to do with my day that isn’t sleeping, eating something, drinking something, or jerking something. I guess I’ll just sit around cursing Apple for making a cordless mouse that can’t be recharged and used at the same time until I get the motivation to go outside. Or just say “fuck it” and start eating, drinking, and jerking until the Bed of Torment beckons, and I do this all over again tomorrow.

These are exciting times. Exciting… times… indeed.


  1. See edit in the last post to know how I really feel

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