Forced But Worth It

I was up early Saturday morning to let Jake (the dog) out. He took just long enough to do his business that I put aside notions of returning to the Chamber of Farts, got a cup of coffee and sat down to watch Spurs lose to Man U. I did all of this with the idea that I would not be riding. The gray skies, cold temps, and steady wind made sitting around watching soccer and drinking coffee until it was a reasonable time to drink beer just too appealing.

Then Wifey headed out to walk with a friend, the footy was sort of crap, and the guilt of not riding Friday, and mostly likely not having time to ride on Sunday due to an afternoon match for B-Man, set in. Shit, if my wife is out walking in this crap I can at least sack up and at least get a Better Than The Trainer Rideā„¢ in.

My cold weather jacket was found, knee warmers were put on, and cold weather gloves were obtained. “Let’s do this” I have heartedly mumbled as I exited the Cul-De-Sac Shack and headed into the cool wind.

As I headed northward I was filled with dread, not because I felt like shit, but because I didn’t feel like shit and was cruising easily at 20 MPH easily. Yep, tail wind. Knowing that my return trip home would be directly into a strong, cold south-west wind had me wishing that I never would have left the house.

Then I headed west and got my first taste of the wind in my face. It was just a bad as I thought it would be but doable and I was fairly warm. Then it started raining.

Not long after the first rain drops hit my face the decision to abort was made and the next available left was taken to head home. There was a time in my cycling life that I would have kept on rolling to get more miles in. This was not that time and may never be again.

I pulled in the driveway with just 20 miles in my legs for the second time this week. I suppose there was also a time in my life that I would have spent the rest of my Saturday in a funk because I had a crap ride and didn’t get quality miles in. Again, this was also not that time. I was content; I got out, I rode, I took some photos, and was happy enough.


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