Good Bad Timing

After multiple days of rain and mud the conditions turned optimal for a dirt road ride south of town on Thursday. While conditions were indeed optimal, it also coincided with our first heavy frost of the fall. Shit be freezin’.

I was wrapped up in working on a project but still tried to keep focused on getting out the door for my regular ride time. In theory that was a good idea, but then when I went to stuff myself into my kit I couldn’t find my Craft base layer and spent 15 minutes going through every drawer in the bedroom only to find it laying about 5″ away from my foot… in a pile of stuff that I took out of the first drawer.

After that, I got my shit together, grabbed my camera and headed off to the Dirt Road Ride Launching Pad south of town. 3 miles from the house I realized I forgot my blinky (AKA the Death Preventer) and my computer. I can easily ride without one or the other, but knowing that both were laying on the kitchen counter would surely cause the appearance of some unwanted OCD. Since I got enough shit going on inside my head I turned around and headed back to fetch them. At this point, I’m closing in on being 30 minutes behind schedule.

You haven’t lived until you’ve laid upon a deerskin rug.

After what seemed like forever I finally had my ass cheeks swallowing the saddle like a heaving gelatinous blob of Lycra flesh and I was rolling dirt. It felt good.

After two days of constant rain, I expected the worst in road conditions so I took the PrOcal, thinking the wider 2.3 tires would help deal with potential mud and rutted roads.

Surprisingly enough the roads were packed tight and the Boone probably would have been a better choice. It still felt great to be out so I made the best of it and rolled on.

Between starting late, rolling slow and wasting time taking photos I found myself more behind schedule than I would have liked and called the ride after 20 miles. Hated to waste such a perfect fall day but continuing on knowing I was getting further behind with the day would make for a suck ride so I was happy enough with what I got and looked forward to getting out for some more miles on Friday.

Too bad Friday never really happened. I got the Fam-U out the door, took some time to chill, got my camera gear together and looked out the door to see it pissing rain again. With that I poured a cup of coffee, farted, and then headed into my office/digital rumpus room to work on some stuff until I got motivated to go down to the Not So Stankmentâ„¢ to run/lift/goof off.

B has a match under the lights tonight in Midland which means no match on Saturday, so I’m hoping to get out and #Pedal4Pixels at some point. I just hope my timing is a bit better than it’s been the past couple days.


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