Getting Out & Coming Down

I had been rolling along (going nowhere fast) with my Zwifting and eating OK enough until I came down with a slight case of body sludge (AKA a cold).

The illness isn’t too bad, but it’s been enough that I haven’t particularly wanted to be sweating my balls off on the trainer or lifting heavy things for no reason. Getting out for a walk in the snow on Saturday (or was that Sunday?) was OK, and making, eating, and slurping soup feels amazing.

I am feeling a litter better than I had, so today (Tuesday, I think) I’m going to try to spin at least ten or fifteen miles and try to sweat out the remainder of the sludge. Hoping to be 100% by the time our flight leaves for warmer climes on Friday.

That weekend walk was OK, but I didn’t get too many pics I was happy with. Looking forward to getting a new Mac after our trip to take advantage of different editing software.


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