Keeping Promises

I promised I don’t know who I would try to keep things more positive here rather than dwell on the revolving door of suck mental and physical health that I’ve been stuck in for weeks now. So, I will just say this week has not exactly progressed how I would have liked; in fact, it regressed in many ways, especially in the mental health department.

Wow, that was way easier to write than the 750+ words I wrote and rewrote earlier before saying, “Nah.”

So, with pretty much nothing to say, I will just share the photos I took during a 3-mile hike through the woods of the Sylvan Preserve on Wednesday. It was nice to be in the dank woods, even if I wasn’t feeling 100%. I’m looking forward to the future and a time when I might ACTUALLY do a workout that causes me to break a sweat.




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