Righteous Vibes

Friday always has that “I might get laid tonight” vibe to it, even though, for me, Friday night usually means drinking a few IPAs in my comfy chair, some crap white trash cooking, and in bed alone by 9 PM because there’s nothing to do that hasn’t been done before, nothing to watch that hasn’t been seen before, and nowhere to go that hasn’t already been gone to or sullied by the never-ending pandemic and its variants.

Despite being fully aware of my life’s mundane reality, Friday still has a righteous vibe, and I took full advantage of that spring in my step and headed down to the trails of the Forest Hill Nature Area with my camera to get some fresh air and soak up some all too rare winter sunshine.

Going to Forest Hill also always has a great vibe; it’s one of the few places I photo walk that I almost always leave with a few wildlife shots and that always has me eager to visit. However, just like Friday night makes no guarantees of unbridled copulation, Forest Hill makes no promises of wildlife beyond a few random birds flitting and flying between the leafless trees and cattails. But like a few IPAs, a comfy chair, and an early bedtime, that can be just fine because that Friday vibe is still righteous regardless.




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